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Who is Scitex, LLC - Trick Titanium?

Who is Scitex, LLC – Trick Titanium?

Our parent company is Scitex, LLC but we do business as (DBA) Trick Titanium. Don't be confused if our invoices or packing slips say Scitex.  It's still us! 

Scitex LLC was formed by merging two leading edge companies in the design and manufacturing of high quality, light weight titanium products.  This collaborative effort in 2008 set the bar for high quality racing components.

Stealth Engineering & Technologies began in 1989 manufacturing titanium engine valves. It later added titanium spring retainers, wrist pins, copper seats and other light weight engine components.

Trick Titanium was born in Suburban Detroit over 50 years ago. Getting its start producing similar products as Stealth but its most famous for the "Original" Detroit titanium bell housing.  Although there have been many attempts to copy it over the years, it still remains the most recognized bell housing brand in the world.




Trick Titanium, the name that began over 45 years ago in a small aircraft welding shop. Back near the beginning of 1970, the “Motown Missile” driver, Dick “Barney” Oldfield, and Ted Spehar, found the shop down the street from their operation. When the racers felt the light-weight titanium products they realized right away that this meant faster cars.



When the Motown Missile was finally revealed in 1973 at Pomona, Don Carlton drove the Dodge to a time of 9.22 seconds, the quickest run ever recorded by an NHRA-legal Pro Stocker. Over the weekend, drivers caught a glimpse of the small titanium suspension parts and the very next week Trick Titanium received hundreds of phone calls for the titanium fabricated parts. That was all great stuff, but most importantly while all the trophies were handed out, a secret was brewing back in Detroit.  Chrysler Corporation heard what Trick was up to and helped to develop our first ever titanium retainer, making Trick cars even faster.

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... and SAFER


The Trick Titanium Valve train was getting lighter and faster. As speed and power increased, racers needed tough and lightweight bellhousings, to protect the drivers from exploding clutches. Our Trick Titanium bellhousings "The Original" designed and developed in suburban Detroit AT was quickly known as the world-wide gold standard for bellhousings. They still are today, FIVE DECADES LATER

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